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Ow My Balls! Approved for Sale!

Posted by joshm On April - 16 - 2009

We are happy to announce that “Ow My Balls!” has been approved for the App Store and will go on sale for the iPhone and iPod Touch soon. This is a great moment for My Balls. Soon they will shine for the whole world to see. For now we are tying up some loose ends. We did not expect to make it in the store this week, so we’ve got a small bit of catching up to do.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make Ow My Balls! a reality. This was a massive undertaking that took way longer than expected, and it couldn’t have happened without the support and contribution of many people.

Josh Michaels (Development, Business)
Tim Smith (Art, Illustration, and Animation)
Eva Agus (Character Art)
Brad Smith (Development Support)
John Greene (Sound Engineering)

Play Testers:
Marijane, Moshen, Leslie, Igor, Joshua, Dave, and countless others whose face we shoved the game in.

Thank you.

Breaking My Balls #7: Deal!

Posted by joshm On April - 14 - 2009

After much thought and discussion we have identified a set of changes that will allow the game into the App Store. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the App Review team at Apple who have taken the time to listen to our situation and offered excellent suggestions on how to make the game appropriate.

I learned something today. It’s really easy to look at Apple as this big abstract entity that acts as one. Some days it’s good, some days it’s evil, some days it’s amazing, and others disappointing. The reality is underneath Apple is a group of extremely dedicated and hard working people just trying to do the best they can to push technology into the future.

The App Review process has some issues. Any young process like this will have issues, especially when placed under heavy load. We as a developer community should be doing whatever we can to help fix them rather than complaining about it being broken. I look forward to contributing my experiences and perspective to help make this process better.

Breaking My Balls #6: Breakthrough!

Posted by joshm On April - 14 - 2009

Today is a great day for My Balls

Through some extended networking we’ve managed to get in contact with some very kind people in the App Review team. They have treated us with the utmost respect and we would like to thank them for helping us understand the issues with Ow My Balls. After several weeks of desperation today there is hope.

Breaking My Balls #5: Another Submission

Posted by joshm On April - 7 - 2009

I’m an impatient kinda guy. Waiting around to see if the game gets approved isn’t good enough. So we’ve gone through a heroic four day effort to make further changes that should guarantee approval. In the process we’ve included an awesome new feature that wasn’t supposed to come out for a while, but we just couldn’t resist. Gonna keep it on the down low for now.

We’ve submitted this new application to Apple for approval under a different name. So now we have one version waiting in Tier 2 review and another in Tier 1. I think that’s the most we can do for now.

The Battle for Balls is Eternal

Posted by joshm On April - 5 - 2009
from Ow my Balls for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

from Tim

Breaking My Balls Part #4: Tier 2

Posted by joshm On April - 3 - 2009

We have received the another note from Apple notifying us that the application will require additional time for review. According to folks on the forums 30+ days is the expected wait time from this point.

We’re hanging in there. This is really tough, but we are determined to get this game out. We’ll do everything in our power to get this out to you soon.

Breaking My Balls Part #3: Resubmitting

Posted by joshm On April - 1 - 2009

Ow My Balls! v1.01 has been submitted for review. We’ve made a couple of changes to try to address the concern that getting kicked in the balls is inappropriate. It’s hard to fix a problem when you don’t really understand what it is, but I think we did a good job. We’ve also spent a ton of time improving the code so it performs faster and uses less memory. Check out this game demo of the latest version.

Breaking My Balls Part #2: Bob Sagat Saves

Posted by joshm On March - 29 - 2009

I’ve been trying to figure out if maybe getting kicked in the balls really is sexually inappropriate. We all have different values and maybe mine are just off. Did some digging around Amazon and here’s what I found.

Americas Funniest Home Videos - The real Ow My Balls?

via. Amazon.com

This is the Family Follies VHS from Americas Funniest Home Videos. Note on the cover there is not one but TWO, maybe even THREE nutshots taking place. Not only that, but check out the description…

“Are you a person who loves wacky blooper shows… but hates Bob Sagat? Then this is the video for you! … and all the getting-hit-in-the-crotch movies that you could possibly want. This is truly a “best of” package…” –Brendan J. LaSalle

So getting kicked in the crotch is funny for FAMILIES, or at least it was in the 80s.

Breaking My Balls Part #1: Sexually Inappropriate

Posted by joshm On March - 27 - 2009

We sent a very kind response to Apple asking for more information about why our app was rejected. In response we received another e-mail that looked just like the last one, but with a notable change.

Where the letter used to say objectionable content it now says sexually inappropriate content. I can’t imagine there is anything less sexual than being kicked in the balls.

Time to go contemplate our next move.


Posted by joshm On March - 25 - 2009

Ow My Balls!

We got a rejection letter from Apple. Nothing specific – just a reference to the obscenity clause. It says if we can make the necessary changes we should resubmit. It doesn’t list any necessary changes, so maybe we should just resubmit? We sent a reply to Apple asking for clarification and an explanation. We’re going to have to go think about what the right thing to do is.

It’s going to be tough to keep upbeat and positive through this. Putting so much care and effort into a game and having it rejected without clear reason – it stings like a kick to the balls. Speaking of, maybe it’s the right time for another nutshot video! Thank the lord for YouTube. This is how it feels to get an App Store rejection e-mail.

Karate Balls! (click to watch)


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