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Uh oh… memory management.

Posted by joshm On March - 14 - 2009

So the problem started small. Every once in a while the game would double in speed. Then we dug deeper and deeper and finally found the root of the problem. I’ve failed to manage memory. I’ve been used to programming in high level languages like C#, Java, and Ruby where memory management is much less of a consideration. Here on the iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s everything. There’s apparently a memory limit that when you cross it the system starts to act all funky. It’s at about 22MB. So I guess that makes 22MB the new 640k. Feeling a little lost but hopeful we’ll be able to clean this up quickly enough. Some of the mistakes I’ve made are obvious, but others I’m going to need some help on. Everything is going to be OK. Really.

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