Ow My Balls the Game now on the Apple APP store!

Ow My Balls! Week 1

Posted by joshm On May - 8 - 2009

Wow, what a wild week. I used to think getting My Balls into the App Store was going to be the big challenge. Now I realize the ultimate challenge is exposing them. We’ve spent the week sharing the game with friends, press, and bloggers in an attempt to get the word out. The net result was great – the highlight being an article on c|net crave. Here’s the best of the best…

  • CNet Crave – Ow My Balls for iPhone: Make Joe Hurt
  • Krapps – Ow My Balls! Brings Epic Nutshots to your iPhone – 100% Anti-Krapps Certified
  • iPhone Savior – Ow My Balls! is Totally Ridonkulous!
  • TouchMyApps – Ow My Balls! Erupts onto the iTunes Marketplace
  • Frapstr – Ow My Balls!
  • iPhone Otaku – Ow My Balls! Crashes onto the iPhone

Some interesting facts:

  • Almost 3x more copies of the game have been pirated than sold (way to support indie developers kids!)
  • US is dominating sales with Brittan in a distant 2nd. Copies have been sold in 14 different countries.
  • Of 23 reviews we have 22 that are 5 stars – only 1 that is 3 stars. That is extraordinary for a new app.

Let’s close out the week with an EPIC nut shot video. Now, there’s stupid, and then there’s…

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